Wedding Inspiration from “500 Days of Summer”

Wedding Inspiration from “500 Days of Summer”

‘500 days of Summer’ Inspiration to reality photoshoot from Jason Kim on Vimeo.

Sometimes the best way to find your wedding mood is through your favorite movies. Throw in your absolute favorite movie- try to find one that has a wedding or party in it! I love the inspiration behind “500 Days of Summer.” The young love shines in this movie with whimsical touches. This video of an inspiration photoshoot is enough to get you started. From this 3 minute video I heard a love song that could be perfect for a first dance. Saw a rooftop garden that would be beautiful for a rehearsal dinner. Grew hungry looking at a stack of pancakes- perfect for a post-wedding Sunday brunch. Did you catch that place setting with a caligraphy menu?

A little further in we catch the couple getting ready. How beautiful would a black and white photo of the bride surrounded by her beauty team with sunlight pouring in from huge draped windows be? That dress and his cardigan just surmise young love. Watch this video over and over again to catch the smallest of details- you know I did!

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