Thanks for stopping by! I’m the mover & shaker behind Brand+Bash. I hope to learn more about your business and help you bring your ideas into real life. You should know that sometimes I work solo, and sometimes I enlist some mega rockstars I’ve met along the way. You should also know that sometimes companies hire me for one-off projects, and sometimes they bring me on as a Fractional Creative Director or Marketing Director. Let’s connect!


Brand + Bash is a creative studio that focuses on content marketing, graphics design, web development, and special events. As a boutique studio, we take on a limited number of clients and projects per month to ensure each gets the attention to detail it deserves. In addition to design services, we have extensive experience executing events in a variety of industries. Think intimate pop-up dinners, music festivals, product launches, wedding celebrations, golf tournaments, fun-runs, black-tie galas, company retreats, annual conferences, fashion shows, and everything in between.


One of my first jobs in high school was working for Neiman Marcus. It was Neiman’s that sparked my curiosity and love of fashion and where I learned a bit about buying and merchandising. This is what led me to start my first company out of my 400 square foot apartment in Lubbock while attending Texas Tech. I thrifted apparel and accessories on the cheap, styled them on my walls to look super cool, marked them up like Neiman’s would, and opened my apartment to hipsters, sorority girls and frat dudes every weekend. What I didn’t sell I’d load up in my car and would sell out of my trunk at football games and music festivals.  I guess you could say this is when I got bit by the entrepreneurial bug and when I began telling stories that translated into sales.  Since my thrifting, hippie heydays my marketing career has spanned the corporate arena taking me to New York, L.A, Hong Kong, France, Bali and beyond. I’ve also experienced the non-profit side of things planning charity golf tournaments, black-tie galas, and concerts with the likes of George Strait and Pat Green. I’ve coordinated a plethora of engagement parties, bridal showers, and extravagant weddings; and have successfully executed conferences and retreats.

I wore every hat imaginable when I co-founded a software and print marketing company that began in a living-room in 2009 and was successfully acquired in 2013. In 2015 I was hired on as the Marketing Director for a creative agency where I managed digital marketing initiatives for small to medium-sized businesses across a variety of industries. It was there that I discovered my passion for helping business develop their brands and tell their stories. In 2019 I started a company called Clean Republic Inc. And this is where I learned that there will never be anything compared to launching and running a cleaning and disinfecting brand in the middle of a pandemic. I call this the ultimate MBA.  Clean Republic Inc. was acquired by ByoPlanet in 2022. Today I currently serve as the Fractional Marketing Director for South Main Development and Fractional Creative Director for The Bluegrass Journeymen, while also assisting my talented husband Coleman Smith with our music school and performance career.

Wanna work with us? We’d love to hear from you!