Wedding Bathroom Decor

Wedding Bathroom Decor

Could you guess what extremely simple touch proves to be the most remembered thing by your guests? Would you ever guess that it is flowers in the bathroom? I know a bride has thought of each and every detail when I see wedding bathroom decor.  For one of my weddings in the spring I replaced all of the paper towel holders, art, tissue, and soap. For some brides this might seem extreme, but for others it is a way of extending their wedding brand.

If your wedding is in an elegant hotel, then be sure to add floral to the bathroom. Don’t worry, this won’t break your budget. A small pave- $15 – $35- is the perfect touch. But if you become best friends with your vendors, they might throw it in as a surprise!

So, what do you think of bathroom decor? Is it necessary? Would you do it?

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