The Studio is turning GREEN with St. Patty’s Day goodies!

The Studio is turning GREEN with St. Patty’s Day goodies!

Number #1 to avoid getting pinched: Wear green! These bags by Mia Maria Bridal (top) and Cahoots (bottom) are perfect pinch deterrents as well as gorgeous handbags for yourself or your bridal party. These double-duty handbags are handmade by local designers and can be customized in different styles, prints, colors, and accents like bows and flowers. Honor your mother’s wedding dress by using its’ fabric to create a unique bag for your wedding day.

Whether it be ornately initialed or decorated with a gorgeous shoe, your multi-purpose cards are sure to complement your messages. Perfect for thank you notes, bridesmaid’s cards and personal messages. They come in various designs and patterns, flawless for any occasion!

For the every man there is an Idiot’s Guide, but for every bride-to-be there is a Wedding Workbook. Kimberly Schlegel Whitman has consolidated every facet of your wedding into worksheets, timelines, and checklists that are essential for a busy bride. This must-have will shift through your thoughts and turn them into an actuality.

Compendium has perfected the art of thoughtful giving. Their journals (bottom right and left) become family keepsakes for family members and loved ones. Filled with personal experiences, lessons, and messages to others. Rag & Bone’s guest books (top left) are beautifully made and hold the names of all those who shared the magic of your wedding day with ya’ll. Cards, invitations, or stationary, Heatherly cards (top right) will enclose your own thoughtful message in an attractive packaging. They come in many colors and designs, giving your local postman a punch of color and excitement!

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