The Perfect Loving Glow!

The Perfect Loving Glow!

It’s summertime and the desire for a nice sun kissed glow comes hand-in-hand with the hot summer heat! Regardless of whether you are the bride to be, a bridesmaid or simply in attendance at a wedding this summer, no one wants to be left without a nicely bronzed glow. Now we all know that weddings, particularly summer weddings, encourage pastel colors or bursts of bright colors along with the one universal color present in some form at most weddings – white! The graceful, crisp pop of any white dress goes perfectly with just the right level of bronze-ness that makes everyone wonder just how you did it. Without spending hours out in the sun (because too much is bad for you in more way than one, hello wrinkles in 15 years!) or paying for rays from a tanning bed or a spray on, the search for the best sunless tanner has become a universal challenge for all women. Try out some of these sunless tanners to find which one works best for your skin tone!
Lauren Conrad's Favorite Pick

Lauren Conrad's Favorite Pick - Dior Bronze Self-Tanner Natural Glow Body

JLo's Number One

JLo's Number One Choice- Neutrogena Micromist

Victoria Secret BeachSexy Sun-Kissed Bronze Instant Self Tan Lotion

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