The Minimalist Bride

The Minimalist Bride

Many brides like the idea of fancy, sparkly, decadent gowns that make them feel like a princess on their wedding day. Others like clean lines, simple silhouettes, and little to no embellishment. I like to call this bride the Minimalist Bride. I have a soft spot for minimalist brides because I love that these brides want their love and natural beauty to be the focus of their big day.

A minimalist wedding doesn’t have to stop with the gown. Bring in the crisp, clean, simple details to the decor of the ceremony and reception. By using a single table centerpiece, only the necessary flatware and silverware, and a few simple flowers, you will not only be saving money, but the look of the wedding will be clean, modern, and absolutely chic.

Minimalism allows for the focus to be on you and your new hubby- isn’t that what the day is all about anyway? 





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