Summer Flower: Dahlias

Summer Flower: Dahlias

We’ve talked about how hard it is to find long-lasting flowers in this summer heat- especially front-facing large blooms. But fear not, dear readers, the dahlia is the cure to your summer flower blues. She might not be a peony, but dang is she pretty! ┬áDahlias are truly a favorite of mine, and they come in so many different sizes- from exceptionally large, to petite enough for a boutonniere. Plus they are available in every color under the sun!

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Dahlia Bouquet by Bows + Arrows, photographed by Ben Q

dahlia bouquet, burgundy dahlia, red dahlia

Red & Burgundy Dahlia Bouquet

dahlia centerpiece, pink dahlia, white dahlia

Dahlia Centerpiece

white dahlia bouquet

White Dahlia Bouquet

Dahlia Centerpiece

Dahlia Boutonniere

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