Reel Wedding Videos: Tim & Audrey’s Marriage Proposal

Reel Wedding Videos: Tim & Audrey’s Marriage Proposal

Unaware that her life was going to change forever….meet Audrey.

Oh how I love lazy Saturday mornings like these – for one, because  I get full permission to be lazy  – and two, because Saturdays are my designated video Reel Wedding days.  Each Saturday I pour through a plethora of wedding related videos.  I scour through everything from sweet marriage proposals videos to flash-mob wedding party dance videos – and I love them all.  And I especially love filling our Reel Wedding Video section of our site with the best of the best for our SB readers.  This morning I’ve picked this sweet marriage proposal by Crazy Monkey Studio.  Simply put this heartfelt video has made my heart smile. Check out Tim and Audrey’s special proposal story….

Meme Proposal | Tim * Audrey from Crazy Monkey Studio on Vimeo.

Produced by Crazy Monkey Studio
Song credit goes to Christina Perri – A Thousand Years. (All rights reserved to the WMG)


More from the Story Tellers:

For the first time, we got to shoot a proposal and it was real fun. It was a covert mission (ok la..more like a paparazzi mission). We went to venue a day before to scout the place, discuss how to hide those cameras and look at how to be invisible.

On that day, we were all dressed in black. Talked using walkies. Used wine bottles, glasses, cutleries, vases and flowers as cover. We sat around the restaurant as guests but with our cameras on. And yes, we achieved total invisibility. Audrey walked into the restaurant, sat with her friends and never noticed us.

Not until the prime time when Tim revealed himself with meme place cards that was part of his proposal. That was when all the cameras (all 4 in total) started rolling.

In Audrey own words 🙂

“Even scarier, there was another cameraman hiding behind me the whole time in the corner recording us eating!! Super not aware of my surroundings lo I sure become a victim of crime wan cos people will just sneak up on me and rape/rob/stab/kidnap me easily.”

Don’t worry Audrey, it was just SK with his tame camera. Not too worry.

It was a very romantic, genuine and touching proposal. Congrats to Tim and Audrey.

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