Pros and Cons of Holiday Weddings

Pros and Cons of Holiday Weddings

The holidays are approaching!! (Not to scare you – we’re just really excited!) Though that doesn’t stop people from getting married! Are you considering a holiday wedding? Here are some pros and cons of having your big day coincide with another big day!


–       Big cities are less crowded and have less traffic

–       If it’s a major holiday, guests won’t have to take time off work

–       You can extend your wedding activities to last longer

–       Guests will feel more relaxed and in a vacation-mode

–       Holiday-themed wedding!

–       Some venues will have special rates for holiday events and special menus


–       Small cities will feel empty and deserted

–       Airports and major highways will be crowded

–       People may already have other plans

–       It is usually more expensive to book vendors for holiday weekends

–       Some vendors won’t be present and will have to send over their assistants to do the job

–       Last minute purchases may be hard with many stores closed

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