Pretty Parasols

Pretty Parasols

Are you looking for a subtle way to add a feminine and vintage feel to your wedding? Then parasols are the way to go! These pretty parasols can actually be used in ways other than shading, although that is a great advantage on sunny days! Parasols are very photogenic… see below how cute they make the pictures! They can also be hung upside down to decorate the ceiling of a tent; you can hardly tell they are parasols when they are upside down! Even if your parasols don’t have a practical purpose at your wedding, they are still so cute and fun to twirl around!

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Bride and Groom, Bride with Parasol, Casual wedding stroll

Parasols in barrel, Rustic parasols, Pink Parasols in BarrelWedding Ceremony, Ceremony decorations, Ceremony shade

Wedding picture, Bride and groom with parasol, Black and White parasol

Bridesmaids with parasols, Ombre bridesmaids, Mismatched bridesmaids with parasols

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