Personalizing Your “I Do’s”

Personalizing Your “I Do’s”

While traditional vows are great for – the traditional,  personalizing your wedding vows is an even more sentimental way to tie the knot. But if the idea of writing an oath that you plan on declaring to your betrothed seems daunting, and Shakespeare you are not, follow these tips and capture what your heart feels in script.

1. Get in the Mood – Don’t sit down to write your vows after a long day of work, or when you know you’ll have to jump up and run somewhere in 30 minutes. Set aside some personal time when you know you’ll be relaxed and have a clear mind, and start there.

2. Get inspired. Use poetry, music, movies, whatever! Think about your future husband, think about those special moments you’ve shared together, and use your heart as your main springboard of inspiration.

2. Keep it short. This is not a monologue; it’s a proclamation of your love and your loyalty. That’s it.

3. Keep it simple. You want it to sound natural and conversational, not speechy or preachy. You’re also more likely to forget or mutilate artificial big words on the big day.

4. Key points to mention:

– “I love you.”

– Being together through the good and the bad

– Faith or spirituality – if desired

– Honoring and respecting your spouse

– Longevity in the relationship, a love that’s meant to last forever

5. Feedback – After you’ve written your vows, you may want to read them over with each other, or with a third party, to polish them off.

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