Personal gifts for your ‘Maids from The Preppy Thread

Personal gifts for your ‘Maids from The Preppy Thread

Based in Mckinney, Tx, The Preppy Thread has become a go-to for personalized gifts. They feature everything from makeup bags to towel wraps to linens. Here are a few of our favorites!

The first photo above is the “Bath Robe.” Your ‘Maids will love to get ready for your big day in this, and they can use it at home for years to come! Every time they put it on your favorite girls will be reminded of your big day. The second photo is the “Boyfriend Shirt.” Another piece that is perfect for getting ready in! It can be easily slipped off and you won’t have to worry about smudged makeup or a crazy up-do!

Another great gift for your ‘Maids is a makeup bag! Featured here are the waffle-cloth bags and the oilcloth bags. You can customize any color, any ribbon, and any initials or words. A great way for your ‘Maids to remember your big day is to add your wedding date on the other side of the bag!

Finally, a fun and useful way to celebrate your big day is these linen cocktail napkins! Much easier to carry around then a coaster, these cocktail napkins are a unique gift that your ‘Maids will love to have in their home! Include a cocktail napkin with the date of your wedding day and that can be your designated napkin whenever you visit!

All photos are courtesy of The Preppy Thread. To order, visit their website or e-mail

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