Mondays with Madi…Where’s the party?

Mondays with Madi…Where’s the party?

“I now pronounce you husband and wife!”… Cheers, smiles, applause…Now everyone’s ready for the reception!

Before we could go too crazy with the color and design elements of our special day (correction: before I could go crazy with it… believe it or not, color and design is not one of BRS’s primary concerns!) we had to establish the venues for our ceremony and reception.

The potential January snowfall + back roads did not sound appealing with our original idea of an old rustic barn.  Moving on to more winter-appropriate venues sent us to downtown Kansas City where the winter season is celebrated and the nightlife is spirited!  We will be having a lot of out of town guests and we thought it would be a great opportunity to show our loved ones a good time in Kansas City!

We started with a LONG list of venues to check out but naturally we eliminated many due to capacity, catering options, comfort level, etc.  Here are some of the fun places we explored:

Drexel Hall, Kansas City, MO

Terrace on Grand, Kansas City, MO

One 8 Oak, Kansas City, MO

As you can see, we had several great options!  Lord knows I’m not the most patient girl so thankfully after seeing the venues on our list, the decision was a quick one!

Drum roll please…

Californos in Westport, Kansas City, MO

The final decision was Californos in Westport!  This venue was the first of many that I drug poor BRS to. :) It was a perfect match for us and we felt so comfortable with the coordinators they have on site.  It gave us the rustic-meets-elegance-feel we were going for with red brick walls in the ballroom, wood flooring and beautiful glass windows throughout.  This venue is actually an old trolley barn transformed into a restaurant and event space!

Californos was not only a great place to hold our party but it had an incredible menu to offer as a part of its package. (BRS is already drooling as he thinks about selecting our menu…We’ll keep you posted on that selection come November!)

We can’t wait for an exciting party with friends and family to celebrate our marriage!

What is your favorite part of a wedding reception? The toasts? Food? Dancing?  Leave a comment below!


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