Mondays with Madi: I’m a winner!

Mondays with Madi: I’m a winner!

Happy Monday, y’all!

If you love design and details then you will love today’s post!

To pull off a memorable event, you’ve got to give a strong first impression with your invitations.  This is the first time your guests get a hint on the personality, style and theme of your day.

Once BRS and I set the logistics of our wedding day I was anxious to see those decisions put on paper.

And so, the search for invitations and save the dates began!  Call me crazy, but this girl loves some letterpress paper goods and pretty calligraphy!

The best part of our invitation search?  It led to FREE INVITATIONS!  You heard that right!


My good friends know I’m kind of a contest-junky…y’all, its bad!  But totally worth it!

Just a few weeks back I came across an incredibly talented custom letterpress and design business out of Brooklyn, NY called Paperfinger.  Y’all…their letterpress designs are to die for! At the time they had an unheard-of offer on their blog for FREE custom invitations to inspire the design of their spring collection.  Instead of creating invitations with made-up names, dates and locations…they wanted to print with a purpose…for real people.

You might say: “This is too good to be true!” / “What’s the catch?”

Madi says: “Nope, not too good because it is TRUE!” / “There is a catch!  And I’m okay with that!”

The catch:  In exchange for these invitations, I had to be willing to give up full control of the entire design process and leave it all to Paperfinger.  One of the things I have found in this time of engagement and wedding planning is that you must be willing to trust the professionals to do their jobs.  This is what they are most gifted in! Leave it to them!  And in this case with Paperfinger…leave it ALL to them!  Now before y’all get too worked up, no way are these professionals going to place a palm tree smack dab in the middle of my wintertime in Kansas City wedding invitation…that would be ridiculous.

Once you’ve seen some of the Paperfinger creations, you’ll see that letting them handle it all was a no-brainer!   I give you permission to begin drooling…NOW:

The application was super simple.  One thing that was very important for the gals of Paperfinger to know was why the couple could see themselves being a great fit for their designs.  I swooned over their invites at first sight and just knew we’d go together like peas and carrots!  I made sure they knew my love for their letterpress in my application and my dear friends tweeted their hearts out to share my excitement over the contest!

I was very patient for a whole week and then I received a sweet email in my inbox with great news!  We won!!!

Hi Madison!
I know you’ve been extremely patient in waiting for the results of the Paperfinger offer for free wedding invitations, and I’m writing to you with great news!
Bryn and I are very pleased to let you know that you have been chosen as a recipient of a set of invitations from our brand new collection. Your entry made it clear that you are just the type of person we were hoping would enter the giveaway, and we were moved by your story.
We wanted to get back to you first and foremost due to the anticipation we witnessed via your tweets. 🙂 Your excitement was contagious — we are really happy that you’re going to be involved in this project!
We’ll be back in touch with more details and next steps, but for now we just wanted to give you the good news. Thanks so much for entering, Madi, and have a great day!
All the best,
Bryn & Margaret


Just wanted to chime in and second everything that Margaret said. 🙂 Madi, we so appreciate everything you wrote in your submission and you clearly have some amazing friends as well. We’re really excited to work together. You’ll be hearing a lot from Margaret about our next steps as soon as we’re ready to move ahead.

Y’all, I jumped for joy!  What a blessing! Needless to say I am so excited to see what Paperfinger comes up with for BRS and I’s invitation design and cannot wait to work with sweet Margaret and Bryn!

When the invites are complete, I’ll be sure to show y’all the results!


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