Mondays with Madi…Her Proposal Story

Mondays with Madi…Her Proposal Story

Alright y’all! Last Monday I promised a story on our proposal and my goodness y’all are going to get yourselves a proposal!

On a rainy October evening I was set to have a dinner date with my girlfriends, Annie and Amanda.  Annie, one of my dear friends (and one of my precious bridesmaids!), had been going through one of the greatest trials with her family so Amanda suggested we take her out to dinner to have some girl time.

On my way to the restaurant, I had gotten a text from Amanda to meet her at a parking lot nearby because Annie had been running late and we needed to pick her up.  I got in the car, we got to chatting and I didn’t even realize we were headed in the wrong direction. Amanda had a camera in her lap and I never thought anything of it because she is a photographer.

We pulled up to the old train depot in downtown Fort Worth.  I didn’t quite understand why Annie would be here but Amanda began to park the car.  Following her lead, I hopped out, umbrella in hand and hurried inside.

We entered into a beautiful ballroom.  From the outside of the building I never would have guessed that this beautiful space was inside.  No sight of Annie, but we continued through another set of double doors to a big, open, dim lit, area with brick walls. This appeared to be the concourse area where passengers could wait for the train. I searched the room for Annie but she was nowhere in sight.

Things began to seem a little bizarre. Where was Annie? I know you’re all probably thinking that I am so dim, but I promise, under the circumstances I wasn’t suspecting a thing. Amanda began rambling about how neat the building was.  When all I could think of was searching for Annie, I noticed a man standing up from a bench across the room.  I recognized his walk, his build, and then by his sweet, “Hello beautiful!” it hit me that it was my boyfriend, BRS.

Y’all, this is where you have to laugh because instead of having a precious, swept-off-my-feet-by-his-sweetness-reaction, the first thing I said to him was, “What are you doing here?!”  I was so confused! Bless his heart!

BRS was supposed to be coming to Fort Worth from Kansas City the following day with my parents and his to celebrate my birthday. I was not expecting him at that moment.  He took me into his arms and I felt his heart beating faster and faster.  Though I was in shock, it all started to sink in.

After saying the kindest words and bringing tears to my eyes (and his own!) BRS got down on one knee and asked for me to be his wife.  I said “Yes!” so quickly and jumped into his arms that I had forgotten about the pretty sparkler he had presented!   He said to me, “Hey now…You do want this ring don’t you?”  I was giddy with excitement and told him to put that sucker on as fast as he could!

After many hugs, kisses, and still some explanation as to how he had gotten to this train depot, I realized why Amanda had her camera with her after all…Sweet BRS had wanted her to capture this moment with photographs! (See for yourself below!)

I thought I had had about all the surprises I could handle for one evening but both Amanda and BRS had yet another surprise up their sleeves.  We headed back to Amanda’s apartment and I spent the entire trip enthralled with the new bling on my ring finger. When the door opened to the Amanda’s apartment, ALL of my dear friends were there to celebrate!  It was so overwhelming y’all! You can see for yourself here!

It now made sense why all of my girlfriends were so concerned with what I was wearing before my dinner and how my hair and makeup looked.  Annie had even taken me to get my nails done that week (per BRS’ request)…Everyone had known what was going to happen that evening!

Spending this special moment with the friends I loved so dearly was the sweetest way to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in our lives.  Annie had been working with BRS on everything for the past few months. Even when she was going through a difficult time, she set our engagement as a high priority…THAT is friendship, y’all!  BRS and I are so thankful for her!

I shared some with y’all last week but here are some more of the awesome shots that Amanda of Amanda Marie Portraits was able to capture for us that evening! It was perfect!

These next few weeks I’m excited to share with y’all some of the big decisions we’ve nailed down for the big day such as where we will exchange vows, where the reception will be held and of course my dress!  Any requests on what to check out first? Let us know!

Happy Monday Y’all!


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