Meet Intern Tracy

Meet Intern Tracy

Introduction please…tell us about yourself:
Hey darlin’! I’m the hot mess that goes by Tracy Glesby. I haven’t sat still or gone a day without talking to at least 10 people and their moms since birth. I’m from Houston and currently attend SMU here in Dallas. Quite honestly, I think the great state of Texas should it’s own country and people who live above the Mason-Dixon line are nuts.

Why the wedding industry?
Because my boyfriend doesn’t know it yet but we’re totally going to get married and I want to know everything about weddings…JK! I’ve always been a natural event planner, dinner parties, birthdays, Cinco de Mayo events; you name it so it has been an inclination of mine to mature into wedding planning.

Why do you LOVE working at TWPS?
Because it’s a happy, personal, roomy environment where I enjoy the tasks and work that I do and it doesn’t hurt that the people here are funny to boot!

If you were to start planning your own wedding TODAY how would you describe your style and the overall feel you want to achieve?
Well if it were legal, 110% I would have blue bonnets as the flower for my wedding. I would wear a dress that wouldn’t give my Jewish grandmother a heart attack and the only jewelry I’d have on would be my engagement and wedding rings. Hundreds of people would be invited and at the same time no one in attendance will be a stranger to anyone…. Oh and it might be nice to have my husband in attendance as well : D

What do you think is the secret to a great marriage?
To not only accept but embrace change, I will not be the same person today as I will be in 5 years. That you love the person to a point where if they change or mature or alter their behavior in any way, you’ll be excited to get to know and love a newer them all over again.

Enough about weddings…more about you!  Do you have any hidden talents?
I can sew and fix about anything with my own two hands, I’m talking plumbing, broken tables, chairs, you name it.

What is your life philosophy/favorite quote?
Chuck Norris’s tears could cure cancer.

Name two things you are very good at and two things you are not so good at.
I’m good at being an ice-breaker in novel/uncomfortable situations and keeping my word.
I’m a terrible dancer and photographer.

Fill in the blankIf I were a Man I would be George Hamilton.

Three wishes….go!
1)  To get a job secure in Dallas before April but where I would start in August.
2)  To win my life-long struggle with gravity.
3)  And for my family members to live long, healthy lives

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