Introducing Nest to Nest Home Stories

Introducing Nest to Nest Home Stories

For the past few weeks I’ve felt like a kid counting down to Christmas morning. Why is it taking so long to get here!?!  Well, my lovely SB readers – today is Christmas morning (minus Jesus’ birthday and A Christmas Story marathon).  And the present I’m unwrapping is not just for me – it’s for YOU too!  Truth.  Today is the day we are unwrapping and kicking off Nest to Nest Home Stories.  About a month ago we launched Sunday Living with Society Bride which features Home Living inspiration for creating your perfect Nest.  Nest to Nest will be a series within our Sunday Living edition and will aim to feature Home Stories across the globe.  I knew I needed a perfect someone to help us tell these stories and was absolutely over-the-moon when Amanda Marie Lackey of Amanda Marie Photography agreed to collaborate with us on this initial series.  Check out Amanda Marie’s work and you’ll understand by I’m truly still pinching myself.  The first Nest to Nest photo shoots kick off this week in Dallas, Texas!  Follow us on Instagram @societybride and @amandamarielackey for a sneak peek!

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I’ve always been curious – maybe overly so – about people’s homes.  Even as young girl I remember wanting to go to open houses and estate sales with my mom.  Nosy? Perhaps.  My excitement about the furniture and paint was equally matched with my wonder about the family photos and art that lived on the walls.  However, I think my true obsession came from both living and traveling abroad.  Getting a glimpse at how others live both big and small – in villages, cities, and countrysides.  Along these travels I met a couple who lived in a teeny tiny houseboat in Hawaii.  Oh how I wish I got their info so we could do a feature on their charming way of life.  In Hong Kong a lady I worked with lived in a hotel.  I dig.  My husband’s grandparents lived in an RV for 5+ years traveling the entire country.  If Gram and Grandad were still RV’ing – or if I had a time machine – I’d feature this too.  I think you get the idea and what we’ll be looking for and what you can expect to find within our Home Stories.  Like all the other pinners out there I too adore being inspired by lovely home design and interior photography, however the eye candy alone simply doesn’t do it for me. It doesn’t fill me up.  I also want to know the story behind the home.  This is the inspiration behind Nest to Nest.

Ps. Do you have –  or do you know someone who has – a Home Story that’s destined to be shared?  We want to hear from you!


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