Experience romance, define destiny, and live in the moment over and over again with

Hakim Sons Films.

Vani & T.J. – Wedding Trailer from Hakim Sons Films on Vimeo.

We proudly announce Hakim Sons Films as the first member of our cinematography category at The Studio! We could go on forever about their cinematic, timeless masterpieces. This delightful camera crew and director will capture and execute fashionably, every detail of your wedding.

Our favorite part is their ability to making every moment as picturesque as it feels. Hakim Sons value your unique story; all their work is customized to animate all the fine details to illuminate your wedding day experience. They incorporate a great balance between elegance and originality into their work.

And check out their newest concept: Web Only Invitations! These “green invites” are the next generation of invitations for socially conscious couples. Eco-friendly and affordable, Web Only Invites incorporate all the handy-dandy new recording devices while saving on stamps, paper, and printing.

Shezad, the ultra-talented managing partner of Hakim Sons, even used a Web Only Invite for his own wedding…

Shezad and Sofia’s Wedding Invitation from Hakim Sons Films on Vimeo.

“Wedding day jitters, anticipated perfection, a mist of perfume; your wedding day is more than a single moment.” Experience more inspiring film from this cinematographer at

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