Glitzy & Glamorous

Glitzy & Glamorous

Who says that Kim Kardashian is the only one allowed to have a glitzy and glamorous wedding?  Her $2.5 million, 65 carat headpiece or her $2 million dollar engagement ring might have been absolutely stunning, but let’s be real here, you can have a completely glamorous wedding without having to spend $10 million dollars.  My idea of good taste in a glamours and glitzy wedding would be to have beautiful crystal chandeliers, with romantic white candles, and impeccable white rose centerpieces.    Also gold and silver accents always show glamour, whether it is the color of the chairs or the plates on the table it will make your wedding sparkle.  If you really want to get fancy, try having a champagne tower! Guests will think you are royalty!  Oh, and to make sure you look absolutely dazzling, top your wedding off by wearing an enchanting, diamond encrusted Monique Lhuillier wedding gown!

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