Getting Holiday Party Ready – The Green way

Getting Holiday Party Ready – The Green way

We know the holidays can be hectic. You go to Christmas party to Christmas party and lets not forget about the fun New Years Eve shenanigans that lead to midnight magic, resolutions, and a huge morning headache from our lovely frenemy, champagne. There’s lots of places to be around the holidays, but little time to make every party and see all of your loved ones. Sometimes we have no choice but to push holiday party plans into the future after the holidays are over. Which means the holiday look isn’t going into hibernation just yet!

If you are someone who is looking for some ideas and tips on products that will get you through the holiday party craziness, we got you! We have come across a great article called 20 Green Beauty MUST-HAVES for Holiday Photos and Parties by Lily Kruikova. The products mentioned in this article are a god-send, completely organic, and will leave you looking and feeling holiday ready.

The Make-up

Achieving the festive look can mean so many different things. You can be someone who wants bold colors to make your look stand out, or you can be someone who likes the soft and warm look with a dash of winter shimmer. Lily’s article lists products that will help fit that holiday look agenda. Our favs are the Kjaer Weis Cream Eyeshadow and the Kosas Lipstick!

“Kjaer Weis NEW cream eyeshadows have a light-reflecting shimmer that’s never too glittery, so it’s perfect for a gal who wants some sparkle, but just not too much!  Use it alone or use it to transform another shadow!”

-VERT Beauty

The Prep Work

We know that you are excited and ready to apply your make-up products, but preparing your skin will help that holiday look last longer. We suggest you start by adopting some new self-care skin methods to bring out the natural beauty your skin holds. For example, Lily’s article talks about how organic facials can lift your face by stimulating your blood flow. She also gives the scoop on other healing and amazing skin care products that will give your skin a healthy boost. (You have to try out the Osmia Recovery Salt Bath, you can thank us later!)

VERT Services

Lily also touches base on some amazing services that are provided by VERT Beauty professionals in Denver, CO. These services could be what your holiday look is missing and could tie everything together! Our personal favorite service is the eyebrow designing (in our world, eyebrows ARE EVERYTHING!)

“A professionally shaped eyebrow can make you look more rested, and give you a subtle and more modern look. It’s the easiest and safest way to give you an eye lift and when properly done, a professional brow design can truly bring out your eyes and brighten up your face.”

-VERT Beauty

Which organic products do you plan to try to help you through the holiday madness? If you have tried some of these products, what are your opinions about them? We would love to know your thoughts because we there are still some products mentioned in Lily’s article that we have been dying to try out!

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