Dear Clark Braid Bar

Dear Clark Braid Bar

Bridal hairstyles have expanded so much the past few years. Loose curls are always in, and we saw the surge in top-knots last year. But this year I am loving the use of braids! Fishtails are a favorite for long hair, and a relaxed look. All brides can look casual chic with a small braid pinning her hair back. Tuck flowers into your braid for a boho-chic aesthetic. I don’t know about y’all, but braids are not my speciality. On my wedding day, I know I want my braid to look fabulous. That’s why I love Dear Clark Braid Bar! One of the best salons in Dallas offers braids (on your wedding day, and all days!) for only $20. Add a braid to your blowout for only $15. Of course Dear Clark has a full wedding day package– so try a test-run for  a night out with your girls, and book the salon for all your bridesmaids on the big day!

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