Cupcake Craving!

Cupcake Craving!

Wedding ceremony is over… Dinner is served… Dancing has started… Now what? Cake time!! But which to choose? I’m craving chocolate, but I want to try the vanilla, but I don’t want a whole piece… so many decisions! How about we make this simple and just have wedding cupcakes?! I personally love cupcakes for any occasion. They are so cute (yes, cupcakes can be cute!) and so much easier to cater to everyone’s preferences. I would choose wedding cupcakes over a wedding cake, because you can serve different flavors, as well as different sizes, so everyone’s sweet tooth can be pleased!

Cupcake in tea cup, Vintage cupcake, Blush cupcake

Chocolate cupcakes, Cupcakes on cake stand, Wedding cupcakes

Bride and Groom cupcakes, Cupcake decoration, Wedding cupcakes

Decorative cupcakes, Orange Cupcakes, Flower cupcakes

Vanilla wedding cupcakes, Cake stand with cupcakes, Cupcake dessert table

Pink cupcake, Bride holding cupcake

Cake stand with cupcakes, Cupcake centerpiece, Pink cupcakes

Images via: Munaluchi Bride  Every Last Detail, A Little Sparkle on the Side, Inspired by This, Polka Dot Bride,              Kiss the Groom, Inspired by This, Glamour & Grace

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