Colorful Spin on The Dress

Colorful Spin on The Dress

Contrary to popular belief, your wedding dress does not have to be white! I think it’s fantastic to see a wedding dress in a bold color, such as black or hot pink. A gown like this well set you apart from other brides, and you are sure to be remembered! If you find the full colored gowns to be a bit much for you, look for gowns that are white and another color- like Gwen Stefani. Or pair colorful accessories like a belt or a brooch- similar to Khloe Kardashian! The black dress comes from Once Wed.

hot-pink-dress pink-wedding-dress colored-wedding-dressdior-wedding-dress pink-wedding-dress wedding-dress-flower-detailGwen Stefani’s dress is a one-of-a-kind Christian Dior creation by John Galliano. Now housed in the Victoria and Albert Design Museum in London, Stefani calls her dress “a work of art.” The bottom of Stefani’s dress is dark pink and becomes consistently lighter toward the top. Stefani’s dress is the perfect combination of tradition and spunk, just like her personality. Khloe Kardashian’s dress is a custom piece from Vera Wang. The popular mermaid style fits her curves perfectly and is accented by a purple bow and diamond brooch. Khloe continues the purple theme with her bridesmaid dresses. A subtle but effective touch of color.

gwen-stefani-wedding-dress pink-wedding-dress colored-wedding-dress christian-dior-wedding-dresskhloe-kardashian-wedding-dress khloe-kardashian-vera-wang kardashian-wedding

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