A Classic & Elegant New Jersey Wedding by Heyn Photography

A Classic & Elegant New Jersey Wedding by Heyn Photography

I am absolutely swooning over today’s Classic & Elegant New Jersey Wedding by Heyn Photography.  Chock-full of classic navy and white details, stylish touches, and nostalgic charm.  Number one swoon-worthy details – this bride and her fabulous ensemble which includes a stunning open back lace gown and Kate Spade peep-toe pumps.  Her bridesmaids wore one-shoulder floor-length navy gowns, and carried petite ivory floral bouquets and modern pattern clutches.  Their talented photographer tells us that their stunning first look photos took place at a very important heart-felt location.  This beautiful bride grew up going to Allaire State Park and refers to it as her home away from home. A place of peace, joy, and love for her. We think you’ll agree that they are not only touching they are spectacular.  As is their super sexy classic car…

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Photographer:  Heyn Photography//Reception Venue:Allaire State Park//Caterer: Crystal Point Yacht Club//

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