The Perfect Holiday Proposal for Modern Couples!

The Perfect Holiday Proposal for Modern Couples!


According to the, December is a pretty cool month. Not only because of the drop in temperature for most places. December is the month where most marriage proposals heat up. That chill in the air may just be about love.

In the age of social media, wedding proposals – like many special occasions – are becoming more elaborate. They may require planning, coordination, and event the services of a professional. Gone are the days where a wide-eyed hopeful dropped to one knee over a fancy dinner. Wedding proposals have taken on a life of their own. So says proposal photographer, James Ambler, in an interview with the

Since most proposals occur in December, it makes sense that Christmas would be a perfect time to pop the question. Add a little pizzazz to your Christmas proposal and your betrothed will become the gift that keeps on giving.

Document the Process

Since you can’t recreate the magic of an actual proposal, plan to have the entire affair documented by a professional photographer. Finding a photographer on Christmas might be a challenge, so consider Christmas eve and a include a special gift opening session.

Having professionally photographed engagement pictures go along way. You can include these in your invitations or incorporate the photos in the actual wedding day ceremony or reception festivities.

“You can’t re-create that moment when the man drops on one knee and you get that breathtaking reaction on the woman’s face,” Ambler says. “That is the one moment where it is pure and natural emotion.”

Plan the Process

Proposals themselves are becoming a main event. Think of ways to set your ask apart and make it memorable.

Some daring individuals are involving family and friends in a preplanned, organized event. Adventure seekers end a treasure hunt in the couples favorite location with the ring and a proposal. A simple yet, meaningful proposal captured on YouTube involved three young boys who each played a role in the birthday surprise that lead to that charmed question many long to hear…”Will you marry me?”

If your creative skills are limited, a vacation proposal is always a hot idea. Especially if the December temps dip into the frigid zone. Whisk your loved one to a white sandy beach with magnificent backdrops. Pop the question and enjoy the rest of a relaxing vacation.

Tailor the Proposal

Above all, keep your proposal tailored to you and your spouse-to-be.  Incorporate activities they enjoy if possible. Contact a stage manager of the local theatre company to arrange a performance-related proposal at your favorite production. Incorporate a favorite location into the day. Coordinate with special members of your circle so they can help you celebrate, but keep them in the dark if loose lips sink ships.

You’ll never be able to redo this moment. Take your time and plan a proposal that you’ll both be proud of. Enlist the services of a local wedding photographer or wedding planner to help pull off this special event. The effort you place into making the proposal shine will never be forgotten. However, make sure you capture the experience for history’s sake.

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