Content Marketing Workflow // Part 2

Content Marketing Workflow // Part 2

Last year we posted a blog article with a plethora of tips and tools for a marketing workflow which included the variety of ways we successfully manage digital marketing for 20+ clients. If you’re looking for tips on organization, creating content and design hop on over to part one here.

Today we’re adding a part two to successfully managing your content marketing workflow. This post will feature the tools we use to ensure the killer content we’ve created is optimized, social media management software, email marketing, and plugins and widgets for measuring data.


Search Engine Optimization: If you write it, they will come. Wait…that’s not how it goes, and unfortunately, it’s not entirely true. Even the most popular blogs and best articles need to implement proactive search engine optimization to maximize visibility and traffic. This includes keyword analysis, rankings, link building, link removal, and technical SEO. Up your SEO game with these cool tools.


  • Yoast WordPress Plugin (Awesome WordPress plugin to ensure the content going on your site is “SEO Friendly”)
  • SEO Book (Free SEO tool collection)
  • MOZ (Premium SEO software suite)
  • io (Free option: Best alternative to Google Keyword Planner)
  • Wordstream (Free option: The full, paid version delivers thousands of results for some keywords, with the top 100 available for free)
  • UberSuggests (Free option: makes good use of Google Suggest and other suggest services – you can instantly get thousands of keyword ideas from real user queries)
  • Google Search Console (Free and helpful tools to help users monitor the performance of their website)
  • Google Webmaster Tools (Check for broken links and crawling related errors)


Social Media Management / Sanity Saver: Your blog posts are created and now it’s time to spread the good word. Having the ability to manage most of my channels in one place was a game changer for me. Not only is a one click login ideal when managing more than a few channels, but having the ability to monitor analytics closely so we can schedule posts accordingly is solid gold. There are lots of great platforms out there and many offer free trials. I recommend taking a test drive to see which one is most conducive to your needs.

  • Sprout Social (Schedule social media for facebook, twitter, google+, linkedIn, engage, publish analyze and report)
  • Hootsuite (Social media monitoring and publishing for pretty much every channel)


Email Marketing Management: Hopefully you’ve heard by now how crucial building a list of subscribers is to your business. Study after study has shown, “no other marketing channel provides ROI as consistent as email”. I’m quoting lots of experts here. So keep your customers informed and stay in front of mobile users with these tools.


  • MailChimp (Entry-level email platform offers free trial for up to 2000 email address so it’s perfect when you’re just starting out)
  • Constant Contact (Also a great mid-level email platform with mobile friendly templates and an easy to use list and reporting platform)
  • Emma (Powerful automation, lots of features, starting at a little higher of price point for when you need more power)


Tracking & Data Analytics: Have you ever wondered how people are finding your website or blog? Wonder if your Instagram channel is driving more visits than say Pinterest? Did Oprah just mention you on Twitter?! Knowing exactly how your users are arriving, what pages they are engaging with, and who’s tweeting about your business is powerful information. Fortunately, there are plenty of user-friendly, data analysis tools to empower every blogger and marketer regardless of budget or skill level.


  • Google Analytics (blog and website data analytics)
  • Google Search Console (Blog and website technical analysis)
  • JetPack (A WordPress plugin that serves the analytics in an easy-to-understand fashion)
  • SproutSocial (For easy to understand and translate social media analytics)
  • Hootsuite (For easy to understand and translate social media analytics)

So there you have it! Your go-to guide and toolkit for your back pockets that will help you to create your own content marketing workflow and skyrocket your productivity. Keep in mind if you’re just starting out that some of these tools might be a little overkill and you may not need them right away. Just file them away and bookmark them for when you do!

Which one of the tools is your favorite? Do you have a favorite blogging tool that didn’t make the list that you want to share? Be sure to comment and let us know!

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