Tips, Tricks & Tidbits with Amanda Marie Portraits

Tips, Tricks & Tidbits with Amanda Marie Portraits

Hello all! This is Amanda from Amanda Marie Portraits. I am so incredibly excited to be featured as a guest blogger this month here on the one and only, Society Bride! There is so much inspiration to be found here for the bride-to-be, and I hope my style feature will give you even more bride knowledge and insight when it comes to having the perfect outfit for the perfect occasion.

 Today it’s all about love in the city. If you know at least one part of your engagement session will be shot in a city, take hold of these tips and you’re sure to find the perfect outfit that best fits you and your style!

What they are and why they work:

The Polka Dot Shirt– It’s a conversational piece. You can almost never go wrong with having one big, bold, conversational piece in your wardrobe. The bow gives that extra girly flare while you’re standing next to (or kissing) your man during engagement photos, and polka dots are just about the closest thing to a classic Audrey Hepburn look. What city girl wouldn’t want that?

 The Yellow Skirt- Cities can often be a place of boring colors such as browns, tans and grays, and a pop of color like yellow can really make YOU stand out in a photo rather than you blending in with the photo. Plus, this skirt has just a hint of sparkle and subtle-sexy is always the way to go!

 The Green Earrings- Yes, you may have done a double take not seeing gold, silver or even yellow earrings with this outfit, but that’s exactly the point! The emerald green earrings are the unexpected look of the outfit. If you’re not sure what matches perfectly with an outfit, your best bet is to always go for a color that isn’t anywhere in your clothing colors at all. It would make Carrie Bradshaw proud!

Key rules that always work: This is one of my recent city engagement sessions where the same rules applied. Her necklace was the conversational piece, and the bright pants were the pop of color to stand out from the city.

Links to love: 1. Polka Dot Shirt // 2. Yellow Skirt // 3. Silver/Gold Sandals // 4. Green Earrings

Next week I’ll be digging into the perfect country engagement session outfit! If you have a request for the type of outfit styling you’d like to see, or just have any styling questions at all, I can be found through email at: Until next time…