Hello again SB friends! I hope you enjoyed last week’s post featuring the city girl engagement session, but this week we’re talking about the good ol’ country!

What they are and why they work: 

The Orange Dress- The simplicity. Since you’re shooting in the country, you’re more than likely surrounded by beautiful scenery with hills, trees and flowing fields. In this case, it’s important to keep your main piece simple, and let the accessories of your outfit help bring it altogether. By your main piece not being the boldest and loudest, the scenery of the country gets a little room to shine too!

The Statement Necklace- The beauty of keeping your clothing simple, is that your accessories get to be bigger and brighter! This Kate Spade statement necklace is perfect. Something to remember: make sure the bottom of the necklace is longer than the neckline, this helps the outfit flow, not letting it get lost and separated. There isn’t a specific color you need when it comes to statement jewelrey, if you love it… you can rock it!

The Nude Pumps- I know, I know… you’re in the country so why would you need pumps? Well technically you don’t, this outfit would be just as adorable with a pair of cowboy boots to help bring the theme of the country altogether. However, I would recommend changing shoes after a few photos in your boots. Since you don’t usually see pumps in the rolling hills of the country, the ladylike contrast of the sky high heels with a rustic ranch is simply beautiful. I’m not promising they’re the easiest to walk in, but your man will be there to carry you!


Links: Orange Dress // Statement Necklace // Nude Pumps 

Key rules that always work: On a recent country engagement session, Madi stuck to these same rules. A flowing green (but simple) dress, with a fabulous chunky necklace that draped over the neckline.

If you have a request for the type of outfit styling you’d like to see, or just have any styling questions at all, I can be found through email at: See ya’ll next week!

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