Tips, Tricks & Tidbits: 5 Ways to Enhance your Invitation with Jenn Sprinkle

Tips, Tricks & Tidbits: 5 Ways to Enhance your Invitation with Jenn Sprinkle

Brides to be, we all know how difficult those invitations can be. With so many options to choose from, how will you ever choose? Plus you want your invitation to be just like your wedding- unique, beautiful, and a reflection of you and the fiancee! Thankfully, we have Jenn Sprinkle as our Expert Contributor all month to give us her insider secrets on how to enhance your invitation!

Never heard of Jenn? If you haven’t – you can thank us for introducing you in Jenn Sprinkle products! We promise you’ll love her. Jenn is an award-winning graphics designer with an incredible eye for style AND design. Shop Jenn’s creative products (like her genius Multitasker Jotter which recently featured on ABC’s Daily Deals) in her new online store! Here you’ll find must-haves like pretty patterned ikat and chevron iphone cases, colorful art-prints (Jenn’s art covers the walls in our office and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!), writing essentials, cool office supplies and much more. So, dear readers, it is with great pleasure that we introduce Jenn Sprinkle. Please give Jenn a warm welcome, sit back and enjoy!

You love the stacked look? You think a pocket is pretty? You’re drawn to the functionality of the all-in-one? Whatever tickles your fancy, we share some ideas on how to utilize that extra insert or space that will complete your wedding invitation ensemble.

1. GENERATION FRIENDLY: Many of us are inviting the generation that doesn’t have a gps or even a smart phone. Maps included in the invitations are great for adding one more option to find your way around to all of the events for the weekend. Try including written AND a visual map so that it is user friendly to all.














2. ALL INCLUSIVE: Its amazing what you can include on an extra card. Take advantage of this less formal space to include hotel addresses, booking information and even your website.  Leave all of these details off of the more formal invitation – keep that clean and beautiful.

3. THE GAME PLAN: One of my favorite recent add-ons by a bride was a timeline of the evening. Such a creative way to get your guests excited about the event. It also great if they need to arrive late or leave early –  they will make sure not to miss their favorite part.














4. PHOTO OP: Want a creative way to showcase your website (and squeeze in one more of your favorite photos)? We love this creative composition by Jenny Martell














5. QR CODE QUERY: QR stands for “Quick Response” – its that weird looking black and white square you have been seeing on the back of cereal boxes and other creative places. Before I suggest incorporating a QR code into your invitation ensemble – consider they style of invitation and its formality. This idea isn’t for everyone. But it is a creative way to showcase a website, a google map or even a video in a tech-forward way. Your guest will need a QR code scanner on their phone in order to scan and read the code. Quick tip: One of my favorite QR code creators is by delivr because you can choose a color that coordinates with your invitation! 














And I can’t finish out this post without mentioning one thing NOT to include in your invitation ensemble – your registry. Please save that for your website – your invitation is not the place to share your love for Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma.

What other ideas do you have for insert cards?

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