The River Gathering: A Working Vacation for Badass Women Like HEC Studio Owner, Sarah Haske

The River Gathering: A Working Vacation for Badass Women Like HEC Studio Owner, Sarah Haske

The River Gathering is a working vacation from women entrepreneurs, founded and hosted by Robin Vega of Brand + Bash.

Everyone loves a vacation, but when you are a business owner – what does that realistically look like? Many times, you go without the rest and rejuvenation that you need. BUT – that is exactly why The River Gathering was created – to be a working vacation for badass women business owners. We were lucky enough to spend some time with HEC Studio owner, Sarah Haske to get her take on things. Sarah shares with us a little on her background, her bomb custom hat business, her studio/prior home – Lucy the bus, and why the River Gathering was so instrumental for her as a business owner and person.


HEC Studio - Sarah Haske with Lucy the Bus

Growing up in Buena Vista, Sarah loves being outside – camping, biking, hiking boating… You name it, and she’s a fan! Being able to create beautiful things is also her happy place. Sarah began her business after a past boyfriend got sick with cancer and passed shortly after. With his death, she told herself that she was never going to do something she didn’t want to do again. She also turned to her sewing machine as an outlet in grief. HEC Studio was born from this idea of “doing what you love.” She has never looked back, and knows that she is living her life to the fullest!!


HEC Studio - Sarah Haske

Sarah met River Gathering founder, Robin Vega, at a local distillery in Buena Vista. When hearing what the event had to offer for entrepreneurial women, she didn’t think it was for her. BUT, the more she heard and thought it through, the more she KNEW that did need this both personally and professionally

HEC Studio Custom Hat Material

Sarah’s Favorite Things at The River Gathering

  • The other women attendees who became like sisters
  • The woman she became because of the event
  • The location – who doesn’t love beautiful mountain backdrops
  • The amazing food from The Surf Hotel
  • The connection and fire between all of the women
  • Yoga with Mama Jenn
  • Building and dreaming her business to the highest potential

The River Gathering Working Vacation

“The River Gathering was WAY more than I could have ever imagined it would be. The women I meet, the connections we made together personally and professionally, how to build my business to the biggest and best it can be, learning to give back to myself, and I am worthy of this life and anything I put my mind to! The River Gathering showed me a lot about myself and opened a lot of my past that needed to be opened, and I’m so thankful for the growth I received in many different ways that weekend. I’m still using SEO tools I learned, implementing healing my business with tools from Maggie, and connecting with women I met (and helping each other out still)!”

Sarah’s best advice to anyone considering attending the River Gathering is to DO IT! Invest in yourself because you are worth it on every aspect: personally and professionally. Sometimes you have to be brave and try new things – this is what leads to further success and a fulfilled life.


The River Gathering - Working Vacation

Sarah will be joining in on the 2nd annual River Gathering in Buena Vista August 18-22, 2019! Be sure to join her and other bomb women entrepreneurs on this working vacation!

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