Six Ways to Save Your Destination Wedding from Martha Stewart

Six Ways to Save Your Destination Wedding from Martha Stewart

Happy Tuesday! Once again, today is all about Destination Weddings!  In her most recent Martha Stewart Weddings, she focuses on the ever-growing destination wedding. When something goes wrong at your wedding it’s hard not to freak out; but when you are in a foreign country where you might not speak the language, it is impossible not to have a panic attack! Here are Martha’s six saves at your destination wedding. Don’t leave home without these!

1. Clear Nail Polish can reattach those rhinestones and beads that may have fallen off your dress during travel. A great thing to have when you can’t bring your hot glue gun

2. Dryer Sheets are easy to pack and will maintain their use throughout your trip. They keep your clothes smelling fresh and the will get rid of static!

3. Despite keeping your lips looking beautiful, Lip Balm can be used to un-stick a zipper.

4. Vodka isn’t only useful at the party. This handy liquor will give your diamonds a gleaming shine- just use a toothbrush!

5. Baby powder is perfect to treat those last minute stains. Don’t let a swipe of makeup on your white dress ruin your day. I also like to secretly use it to make my hair thicker- it holds the up-do better!

6. A banana is a great snack to fill you up- use the peel to erase scuffs from the guy’s leather shoes!

The best part of this list is that these items are easy to find and travel with. Many of them can be found (for free!) at your hotel. Don’t let a last minute problem ruin the fun- there is always a home remedy!

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