Showers Aren’t Just In April, They’re All Year Round!

Showers Aren’t Just In April, They’re All Year Round!

Ever since you were a little girl you’ve probably dreamed about how perfect your wedding day would be, with every detail planned out to a tee.  However, odds are you probably haven’t thought as much about your bridal shower, and this is a very important part of getting married.  Not only do you and all your friends and family come together to celebrate your upcoming nuptials, but you will also receive an abundance of presents that will help you and your hubby start your new life together.

So now that I’ve got you thinking about how to throw your perfect bridal shower, here are some great ideas to help you get started!

The Alphabet Shower

The premise of the alphabet shower is, of course, the alphabet.  Each guest is assigned a letter, and should select a gift accordingly.  For example, the guest assigned with the letter “C” might bring a corkscrew, cookie sheets, ceramic bowls, cashmere, etc.  You can also make the menu correspond with the letters of the alphabet.  For example, your first course might be Asparagus Soup and Bruschetta, followed by Chicken Dijon served with Endive and Field Greens.  Then for dessert, what could be better than Godiva chocolates?

The Kitchen Shower

Ask guests to choose gifts that you will need for your newlywed kitchen.  Gift ideas can become endless and can include items like tools, utensils, cookware, bakeware, appliances, kitchen linens, and cookbooks.  You can also ask guests to write down their favorite recipe on an index card so you will have a recipe box full of favorite recipes from your favorite people!

The Round the Clock Shower

Similar to the idea of an Alphabet Shower, assign each guest one of the 24 hours in a day.  Then have them select a shower gift that corresponds to their assigned time.  For example, the guest assigned with 7 a.m. might bring assorted coffees, mugs, an alarm clock, an espresso maker, breakfast trays, bath towels; whatever the hour of the day inspires.

Garden Shower

Do you have a love for gardening? If so, then a Garden Shower is the perfect idea for you! Simply request that your guests bring gifts that will help you nurture your new garden with your new husband.  Gift ideas can include potted flowers, plants, ferns, bulbs, gardening tools, watering cans, planters, and arrangements.

Stock the Bar Shower

This type of shower works well with a co-ed attendance and can be thrown for both you and your fiance.  Just ask your guests to bring two of their favorite selection of alcohol, one to enjoy at the party and one to “stock your bar” so you and your hubby can share it later.  If you and your main squeeze are wine connoisseurs you make this shower entirely about wine.  You can even serve rustic breads, cheeses, nuts, and fruits to go with the wine tasting of all the different bottles your friends have brought.

Lingerie/Personal Shower

Personal showers can be creative and a lot of fun!  Gifts usually include personal items of lingerie that you might not want to buy for yourself, such as sexy underwear, bras, lacy nightgowns, camisoles, or a silky robe.  Other personal items include lotions, bubble bath or bath salts, perfume, and massage oils.

New Home Shower

Another great co-ed shower idea, this is an opportunity to get the groom and his friends involved.  If you and your fiance are planning on moving into a hew home after the wedding, have your guests bring gifts that will make the move and adjusting to your new place easier.  Register at stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot so that your family and friends can gift you with things like charcoal grills, lawnmowers, hammers, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

Ideas are drawn from The Wedding Planning Institute’s How to Start a Wedding & Event Planning Business

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