Reel Wedding Video: Kasia + Piotr Mountain Top Wedding

Reel Wedding Video: Kasia + Piotr Mountain Top Wedding

British Columbia anyone?  HOLY MOLY the scenery in this destination wedding is absolutely epic. Meet Kasia and Piotr…..

Kasia and Piotr exchanged vows at the renowned Kicking Horse Resort in British Columbia and were approximately 8,033 feet in the air.  Incredible filmmakers Paperback Films captured this mountain top destination wedding and said “it was a perfect blend of intoxicating love, passion and adventure”.  Any brides out there looking for a winter wedding or mountain destination wedding fashion you’ll definitely find some inspiration here.  Kasia pulled her stunning look together with soft romantic curls (curls to die for might I add) and a darling cropped ivory jacket.  But the best accessory of all?  Her dashing groom!  Congratulations and Best Wishes to these love birds!

Kasia + Piotr | Feature from Paperback Films on Vimeo.

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Being world travelers and adventure enthusiasts, Kasia and Piotr both decided to host their wedding day at Kicking Horse Resort in British Columbia. They expressed their commitment to each other on an open patio with all of their close family and friends gathered around at 8,033 feet in the air (shouting from the mountain top). When we first met these two over Skype, we immediately knew they were a match for us. They’re full of energy and have a passion for life and intoxicating love for each other. Not only did we get a chance to film in the mountains (being a prairie boy, any elevation in landscape can be exciting), it also allowed us to work on a product we introduced last year; The Feature. Add a road trip in there, rain, snow, sunshine, lower amounts of oxygen and we have the perfect mix of an adventure for all of us. The long drive in the car eating nothing but junk food, and what made it so special is the memories and bonding experiences we had along the way and the connection we had with Kasia & Piotr. They made us feel like family. We have never felt so at home while filming abroad and it was breathtaking experience.

Working with Andrea Nicole Photography made for a great experience. Thank you Kasia and Piotr for allowing us to partake in your adventure and letting us into your close circle of family and friends.

Behind the scenes:

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