Reel Wedding Video: Ericka & K.C. – Destination Wedding (Ravello, Italy)

Reel Wedding Video: Ericka & K.C. – Destination Wedding (Ravello, Italy)

Ciao bella! Meet Ericka and K.C. and come away with us to their incredibly breathtaking wedding in Ravello, Italy…

Ericka and K.C. selected this Italian Destination for their wedding because it was a place unlike anything they had ever seen. As a wedding blogger I am often subjected to the most beautiful places in the world to exchange vows – but I have to say that this Ravello, Italy dreamy wedding is a serious contender for the best and definitely takes my breath away. Filmmakers Life Stage Films captured this unique love story and shot it brilliantly in super 8mm film. Bravo!

Ericka & K.C. – Destination Wedding (Ravello, Italy) from Life Stage Films on Vimeo.

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I would take Ericka & K.C.’s wedding day over any hectic wedding with hundreds of people. Watching this film, hopefully you can be transported when you see how carefree they are, driving around this Mediterranean peninsula. Ericka couldn’t stop smiling. And when you hear K.C. reveal why he chose this place for his bride, you’ll see that his goal was for her to smile the entire time too. 🙂

A HUGE thanks to Ericka’s amazing wedding planning team Jaquie and Kim with “The Amalfi Experience” (and our liasons for the trip). They told us all the cool places to go. 🙂

The Hotel (Caruso), the gardens, the food, and celebration, and the happiness shared between these two makes this one of our favorite weddings. And a huge thanks to Ericka for adding Super 8mm film to her Wedding Film. I think it changes the whole dynamic to this “dreamy” wedding. Makes it nostalgic. Can we go back soon???

Congrats guys, we appreciate you and feel honored we were part of a handful of people that witnessed the best day of your lives in person!

Ravello, Italy
Filmed & Edited by Matt Davis of Life Stage Films in HD and glorious Super 8mm vintage film
“One of the top 25 event filmmakers in the World” – EventDV Magazine

Music licensed by “The Music Bed”

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