Reel Video: Super Cool Street Art Proposal

Reel Video: Super Cool Street Art Proposal

So love this super cool video proposal.  Meet Aaron and Tamara – this incredibly creative groom took his fiance out on a secret street art tour.  Each impressive piece of art was symbolic of an important season in their relationship. The art tour came to an end in front of one last piece of art (Marry Me?) where Aaron got down on bended knee.  Aaron collaborated with multiple talented artists to put this special event together.  Be sure to check back every Saturday all month long for more incredible proposal videos!

Street Art Proposal from Vanden on Vimeo.


My street art proposal to Tamara Marie Altherr. Collaborated with multiple artists to create a secret street art “tour”, leading up to the last piece where I popped the question. Each piece was symbolic of a season in our relationship.


Actual Wedding Photos:

Thanks to: Simon Stutts (, Nic Trent (, Ty Bishop, Jane Sheldon (, Monica Stringer and my family

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