Proposal Video & Save The Date Flip Book

Proposal Video & Save The Date Flip Book

Check this video! It’s a Flip Book of a Marriage Proposal, a Flip Book Save The Date AND a Wedding Favor – all in one!  Meet Lindsey and Jonathan and their mini multitasking flip book.  This creative couple met while working together as a buyer and designer for Urban Outfitters and now co-own cocolove – a blog dedicated to Lindsey’s passion for baking and gift giving.

The ‘sweetest’ Proposal flip book from Jonathan Lundberg on Vimeo.

More From The Storytellers:

Lindsey and I both love flip books and knew we wanted to incorporate one into our wedding somehow. We decided to film a proposal scene and turn the footage into a physical flip book.

At the time of filming, we were not yet engaged so when Lindsey asked if I would speak my lines “will you marry me?” I replied, “I’m not going to say it out loud until someday when the time is right.”

We ran through our proposal scene five times in a row. The first time was a mess but we hit our stride and by the fourth time it was perfect. On our fifth and final take, I said aloud, “Will you marry me?”

Lindsey melted. She didn’t know if it was real or part of the act.

“Yes!” she exclaimed.

Most of this flip book is from the moment before the real proposal. I turned the footage into a flip book so we could film it and email our wedding guests. We enjoy sharing our actual proposal with everyone we love (including you!). We even handed out flip books as favors at the wedding.

We hope you enjoy watching our love story. If you think we’re sweet, visit us at to see what else we do ;p

Thanks for watching! xoxoxoxo

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