Pink & Yellow Playful Party from Bows & Arrows

Pink & Yellow Playful Party from Bows & Arrows

A little sponsor love today! This playful pink and yellow styled shoot comes from one of our favorite floral design companies, Bows & Arrows.

pink-and-yellow-floralpink-and-yellow-floralThe color combination of pink and yellow are a great take on the citrus trend we saw a lot of this summer! Pink balances out the sharpness of yellow, and yellow brings a neutral vibe to pink! A great color combination for a playful, trendy couple! This pink and yellow shoot was styled by Bows & Arrows. Based in Dallas, Bows & Arrows is known for their attention to detail and DIY qualities. The shoot features yellow pom pom flowers and pink peonies and roses, etc. in white vases. Pink and white poms bring a little playfulness to the table. The pink and yellow cookies are almost too cute to eat, and are flanked by yellow hankerchief napkins!

pink-and-yellow-floralFlorals, Styling and Photos by Bows & Arrows

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