Mondays with Madi: We’re goin’ to the Chapel…

Mondays with Madi: We’re goin’ to the Chapel…

Happy Monday y’all!

I couldn’t help but pulling up the Dixie Cup’s “Goin’ the the Chapel” as I wrote this post!  Watch out…it’ll get stuck in your head quick!

It’s so funny how when you begin the planning process, the ideas you once had change considerably.  When I first envisioned my wedding I pictured a summers eve, an old wooden barn and bright florals, boots and bowties, fireflies and moonlight.

Summer brings about rich memories for my fiancé and I.  We spend a lot of time out on the lake, eating barbeque and spending time with one another.  (During the school year we are split so we savor the summer season!)   BRS also comes from a long line of cattle farming and contrary to popular belief (and my love for a full night’s sleep), some of my fondest memories have been on those quiet summer mornings on the outskirts of town, riding by his side to feed before the world even wakes.  When thinking of when and where we would wed…it seemed like a celebration outdoors was the only option!  Even as a church-goin’ girl I just never considered exchanging vows in a church…weird, right?

When BRS proposed in October, with my graduation date set for December of the next year… I knew our dream of a summer wedding just was not in the cards.  No way did we want to embark on a 20 MONTH engagement! Not a chance!  Summer of 2013 quickly turned into January 2013.  Kansas City winters bring quite the chill and snow fall is no surprise ‘round those parts…No summer wedding date meant no outdoor venue.

So the search began…and we didn’t have to search long before we found our perfect location.  When BRS and I first met we were knee-deep in those awkward years of junior high school.  Our families attended Liberty Christian Church in Liberty, MO and it was in the youth group that we first met.  Both BRS and I were baptized this church and it was here that we began to take our first steps toward a relationship with Christ.

Booking the church was a decision that surprised me at first, but now I can’t imagine having any other walls (or space of open air) surrounding us on that day as we make a commitment to one another.  Just look at those stained glass windows! Breathtaking!


Images of Liberty Christian Church from a ceremony photographed by Luke Davis of Main Street Studios.

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