Mondays with Madi…Said YES to the Dress!

Mondays with Madi…Said YES to the Dress!


Happy happy Monday y’all!

The most common question I have been asked throughout this planning process (mostly by girls…fancy that!) is about if I have found “The Dress” yet.  And I have to say, for me this has been one of the most fun parts of the planning so far…maybe because it was such a girly task!

There are so many different fabrics, colors, designs, details, and styles to choose from.  Going into the process I knew some characteristics I was looking for but I did my best to keep an open mind.  To me, less is more, so I knew I wanted simplicity.

Here are some inspiration photos I gathered prior to shopping and took along with me to show my consultants. (For more of my wedding dress inspiration photos, see my Pinterest board titled, “The Dress”)

Ethel by Vera Wang

Faille by Amsale

Lazarro Style 3018

{Gown designer unknown}

Over Christmas break I set up an appointment for my mom, aunt and I to visit The Gown Gallery in downtown Kansas City.  (My aunt has two sons so this was her only opportunity to participate in this kind of outing.)  Before we headed to The Gown Gallery’s cute urban loft and a couple days prior to my appointment, I went out with one of my bridesmaids to David’s Bridal.

I did not expect to find my gown here, but I wanted an opportunity to go to a place where I could see the dresses on the racks and try on a lot of different things to narrow down which styles worked best on my figure, whether ivory or a true white was best with my skin tone, etc.  I didn’t want to waste time trying on things that wouldn’t work in my actual appointment! (Checking out a shop with gowns on the rack was a great piece of “bridal advice” I received from my future sister-in-law!)

Here is one gown, though, that I LOVED from Vera Wang’s White Collection at David’s Bridal:


Look at all of the beautiful organza! (Was also shocked by the great price of $1248!)

Taking a trip like this just to narrow down the style I was looking for was the best advice! (Thanks goes to my future sister-in-law, BRS’ sister, for that tip!)  It made my appointment at The Gown Gallery much more enjoyable not having to put gowns in the “Absolutely-Not” category!

On the morning of our appointment downtown, my poor sweet mama woke up with the flu!  We both shed some tears and contemplated changing our appointment date but she insisted that my aunt still take me.  We made sure we snatched several pictures to take home to show our finds and upon leaving my appointment I set up another one for a few days later when my mom could then join me.

Here are some of my favorites from this trip:

Lazaro 3110

Lazaro 3110 Back

{Forgot to get info on this strapless ballgown!}

So fun!  The best part of the day?  Trying on and finding THE Dress!  Believe it or not, y’all, your heart really does race and you know when it’s the one! (Silly as it sounds, almost like when you know your beau is THE One!)

Hate to disappoint y’all but I will not be posting any pictures of my dress on the internet anywhere…1. It’s still in Barcelona being made-I’ll get it in July! and 2. I’m a sucker for tradition and can’t let BRS get a glimpse before our wedding day! Let’s just say I’m pullin’ a Kate Middleton and keepin’ this detail a secret! :)


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