Mondays with Madi : 6 months down, 8 to go!

Mondays with Madi : 6 months down, 8 to go!

Hey y’all!

So great to be back with another Mondays with Madi post. This past weekend sweet BRS came to Fort Worth for a visit and we celebrated 6 months of engagement! It’s been a crazy ride so far but so much fun.

And I still just adore this sparkler which adorns my left hand! (Maybe a post about my bling is in our future?)

Right now we’re looking at another 8 ½ months until W-Day and I’m feeling pretty content with our planning progress up to this point.

Here are just some of the bigger tasks we’ve checked off our list so far:

  • Found my bridal gown (Remember I’m a traditional gal so I’m keeping it a secret until our big day! But here are some pretty gowns I’ve tried on!)

  • Asked members of our bridal party (cutesy DIY ideas here and here!)

  • Picked out, ordered and received bridesmaids’ dresses (post to come!)
  • Booked DJ (post to come!)


I will be traveling home to Kansas City this next month and in that time BRS and I are prepared to tackle some more wedding tasks we have on our list:

Here are a few on our list:

  • Schedule and have our first pre-marital counseling session
  • Begin the search for Groom’s/Groomsmen attire
  • Finalize our guest list
  • Begin registries
  • Start our search for Save the Dates


To our current Society Brides and viewers, do y’all have any suggestions on must-have registry items for BRS and I?  Which stores have the best registry systems? I’m thinking a post on our registry adventures is in store here in the next month or so!

Leave a comment and let us know!

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