Maid of Honor Madness!

Maid of Honor Madness!

One of my very best friends recently got engaged (yay!!), and she chose me to be her maid of honor (yay again!)! Being the maid of honor is a huge honor, as well as responsibility. The MOH has many duties throughout the wedding planning process, as well as the actual wedding day. Here are some of the MOH duties: always be there for the bride, whether it’s to listen or to give dress advice, lead the bridesmaids (ie- make sure everyone has their dress, knows what is going on, provide them with the 411 on all wedding festivities), host or cohost a bridal shower, attend all prewedding parties, plan a bachelorette night, compose a toast….. and the list goes on! Basically, there is a lot of work that goes into being the MOH besides holding the bride’s bouquet during the vows! I am going to start writing about my MOH duties and how I plan to handle them. Join me on this exciting journey, and hopefully we can learn this MOH stuff along the way! In the meantime, here are some very sweet pictures of different brides and maids of honor.

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Bride and Maid of Honor, Bride and MOH, Friends Picture

Maid of Honor Helping Bride, Bride Getting Ready, Pre-Wedding Getting ReadyBride and Maid of Honor, Bride and MOH Picture, Portrait of Friends


Pre-Wedding Picture, Bride and MOH, Best Friend Picture

Bride and MOH, Getting Ready for Wedding, Vintage Inspired WeddingVintage Inspired Wedding, Bride and MOH

{My very sweet friend and bride, Cathy (left) and myself (right).}

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