Hues You’ll Heart: Peach and Gray

Hues You’ll Heart: Peach and Gray

Peach and Gray are two contrasting colors, but when used together they create a beautiful color palette that looks like they were made for each other! Although peach is a warm color and gray is a cool tone, the colors look so soft and elegant when paired together. By using different shades of grey and adding peach and white accents, a simple and clean, yet breath taking color palette is created. I love the idea of mixing gray succulents with dainty peach flowers; such an interesting combination! If more gray is used, then this palette is perfect for a winter wedding, but if more peach is used in the palette then it could create a fun and fresh spring wedding. However the colors are used, and whatever the season, this is a palette with many beautiful and unique options!

Peach and Gray Wedding Table, Bride and Groom Table, Peach and Gray Wedding Reception

Vintage Wedding Decor, Peach and Gray Wedding, Wedding Cake with Vintage Detail

Peach and Gray Bouquet, White Bouquet with Peach Accents

Peach and Gray Bouquet, Ring Bearer with Bouquet, Bouquet with Peach FlowersVineyard Wedding, Bride and Groom Portrait, Bride and Groom in Vineyard

Grey Bridesmaid Dresses, Peach and Gray Color Palette, Peach and Gray Wedding Party

Peach and Gray Wedding Decor, Peach and Gray Wedding Details, Peach and Gray Dinner MenuPeach and Gray Wedding Reception, Peach and Gray Wedding Decor, Peach and Gray Centerpieces

Peach and Gray Wedding Attire, Groom in Gray Suit, Peach and Gray Wedding Accessories

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