Hues You’ll Heart: Gray and Pink

Hues You’ll Heart: Gray and Pink

Gray and pink, blush, fuchsia, or any shade of pink you choose is bound to turn out beautiful! I love this palette because the pink is so feminine, but the gray tones the color down. These soft colors work wonderfully together and compliment one another in nearly every shade of gray or pink. I love pairing charcoal gray with a pop of hot pink for a fun twist! A soft, silvery gray also looks beautiful when paired with a pastel or bright pink. Pink and gray has so many options that a bride can play around with that it creates the perfect color palette for a versatile wedding!

Blush and Gray Cake, Pink and Gray Cake, Blush and Pink Wedding

Pink Peony Decor, Blush and Pink Peonies, Pink Peony WeddingGray Bridesmaid Dresses, Blush and Gray Palette, Blush and Gray Wedding

Gray and Pink Color Palette, Gray and Pink Bridesmaid Party, Gray and Pink Wedding

Blush and Gray Wedding, Blush and Gray Ceremony

Pink and Gray Table, Pink and Gray Wedding Decor, Pink and Gray Reception

pink and Gray Wedding Details, Pink and Gray Wedding Palette, Pink Wedding Bouquet

Pink and Gray Wedding Table, Pink and Gray Decor, Pink and Gray Table Decor

Pink and Gray Dessert, Pink and Gray Cake Pops, Pink and Gray Details

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