How to Get Awesome Arms for Your Wedding Day

How to Get Awesome Arms for Your Wedding Day

Hello, all you lovely SB readers! We’re so thrilled to be back again this week with another tid bit on getting fit for your wedding!

Last week, my fitness pro husband, Daniel, and I told you about some of the great benefits of sweeting it out with your sweetheart. This week we have 5 simple arm exercises to help you get, or maintain, awesome arms for your wedding day!

If you think about it, few body parts on a bride get as much publicity on your wedding day as your arms! Whether your beautiful white dress is a sweetheart cut, A-line, empire waist, cap sleeve or halter, chances are you’re going to be showing off your arms. (Of course, there are vintage-style long-sleeve gowns too, which I love, but most of those sleeves are sheer, so fit arms are still a huge perk!) For many brides, showing a lot of arm and shoulder is a fabulous thing, and others just need a little direction on how to tone them up – cause truly, anyone can do it!

I did this arm workout before my own wedding two and half years ago, and not only did I feel confident on the alter and during photos, but I still feel good when going sleeveless :).

So, of course, I had to share this workout with you ladies! Here is the no-fail, big-win biceps, triceps and shoulders wedding day workout, all in one!



Love & Light,

Lindsey (& Daniel!)

{photo credit: Cinematic by David Mielcarek}

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