Green Beauty Holiday Makeovers

Green Beauty Holiday Makeovers

Cozy sweaters, fire places, winter wonderland days and the holiday feels are what we look forward to after pumpkin spice season comes to a close. We start obsessing over New Year’s Resolutions, what gifts to buy loved ones (or ourselves), and how to achieve and master the ultimate holiday look. If your calendar looks like ours with holiday happy hours, parties and dinners galore, check out this blog post, How to Get a Glowy Holiday Look Using All-Natural Makeup we discovered over on VERT beauty. We found it to be the perfect guide for holiday + green beauty inspiration.

NYE Resolutions and Holiday Looks

When New Year’s Eve approaches, we start to think about what we can do to improve our daily lives to start the new year off right. The most common resolution made each year is to improve your health status. If you are someone who wants to increase your health status and also happen to be interested in new holiday looks, there is a way you can kill two birds with one stone!

Switching from toxic products to more healthier and natural based products is a great resolution that will improve your health (not to mention, is easy to achieve). We love putting on bold red lipstick and warm eye shadow colors to give us that festive look. However, some ingredients in makeup are harmful to your skin and health. We recommend looking at the ingredients on makeup or skin-care product labels before you buy them to avoid activating allergies, skin irritation, and harsh chemicals.

We also recommend taking a look at the products Cassidy’s article suggests to get that glowing and bright holiday look. These products are 100% safe to use, organic, and you can get the inside scoop on tips and tricks on how to apply the products. (Our personal favorite items are the Kjaer Weis “Adore” Lipstick and Kjaer Weis “Radiance” Highlighter!)

“Pro Tip: Put your highlighter on first, followed by blush – it helps the highlighter to blend more naturally into your skin without covering it up. If you need a little extra, just dab a bit more on over the blush.”

VERT beauty

The Season of Giving

The organic products mentioned in Cassidy’s article are not just for your personal benefit, but they can be great gifts for your loved ones around the holidays! You can purchase these items online or in person at VERT Beauty if you are a Denver, CO Resident! Feel free to ask one of their organic beautician professionals about their products. Also, let us know about the secret treasures you discover if you like this gift idea. (Don’t leave us hangin’!)

For the full scoop, head to How to Get a Glowy Holiday Look Using All-Natural Makeup

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