Grab Your Groom, We’re Getting Fit for Your Wedding

Grab Your Groom, We’re Getting Fit for Your Wedding

Hello, all of you gorgeous Society Bride readers! We are Lindsey & Daniel Crouch, Dallas-based husband and wife fitness team, and we are thrilled to be featured as SB’s August guest bloggers! Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves, and then we’ll share some of the great benefits of getting fit with your fiance’!

Daniel’s specialty is personal and corporate training, but he’s also on the speed dial of brides-to-be everywhere! He is known for helping brides get fit as painlessly as possible, as he knows how many other stressors their lives contain! He even managed to get his own bride back to her high school weight and frame without ending up at the altar alone. 😉 Lindsey is a healthy chef and caterer, specializing in food that’s as delicious as it is good for you. Her hunger is feeding people (especially stressed brides!) healthy, low-carb, grain-free food, since she knows how important it is for you to have the right energy and glow on the most special (and photographed!) weekend of your life!


1. Studies show that couples who exercise together have a higher a rate of staying together! Your groom-to-be will be impressed, inspired and encouraged when you grab him by the hand and  show him your commitment to your future as man and wife.

2. Exercising with your fiance’ takes the edge off. Any form of exercise with your fiance’, like yoga or pilates, that calms your mind, body and soul will remove angst and tension in your relationship quicker than a bottle of wine.

3. Sweating together promotes unity. From a physiological point of view, a heart that is able to pump at a high rate is quite attractive!  A healthy heart says, “I’m fit enough to join you for the rigors of life, baby!” And so the next time he craves adventure, he won’t be tempted to leave you behind.

4. Two is company. Exercising with your soon-to-be-hubby can also be a significant motivating factor when you don’t feel up to exercising alone. Many times after a long day of work, you won’t feel like working out, but a small nudge from the one you love can make the prospect of strengthening your mind-body-spirit connection significantly more feasible than attempting it alone.

So now’s the time to tell that handsome man of yours that you want to sweat it out with him – on your local running trail, in the gym, on a mountain, in a yoga studio, riding bikes or flying kites – whatever you fancy, just get out and have some fun together and enjoy the benefits at your next dress fitting! 😉

Love & Light,

Lindsey & Daniel

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