Food & Fitness Survey for You and Your Fiance

Food & Fitness Survey for You and Your Fiance

Hello, all you fabulous SB readers! My fitness pro husband, Daniel, and I are super excited about sharing today’s post with you! It’s a topic we didn’t know to discuss before we got married, because we just thought the other person would obviously live the exact same lifestyle we were used to living. Let me tell you, not the case! When I was looking forward to checking out at a new restaurant after work, he was looking forward to a home cooked meal. When I was planning on a Saturday morning yoga session with the girls, he was thinking that we would go for a nice leisurely jog together on the trail. We found ourselves wondering….”how have we never discussed what our personal likes, dislikes and expectations are when it comes to food and fitness and how can we make them mesh?”

It’s imperative to ask the tough questions before saying “I Do”  to ensure your hopes, dreams, goals, values and aspirations line up. If you’re getting married in a church, you will most likely will have to take a pre-marriage counseling course, and even work with a pastor, who will ask probing questions to make sure you know each other well.

We couldn’t agree more that getting to know the person you plan on spending every single day of your life with is a darn good idea! So that’s why we’re digging a little deeper into the “ins and outs” of everyday life with our food and fitness survey for you and your fiance.  These questions probably don’t weigh quite as heavily as “do you want children?” or “what holidays do you celebrate?” But getting to know the type of lifestyle your fiance wants to lead will not only help you get on the same page, but it will also show you both where you can inspire and motivate one another as you plan for the fun times ahead!

Food & Fitness Survey for You and Your Fiance 


  1. How often do you think is good to eat out and how many nights do you think we should cook at home?

  2. Who is going to cook and who is going to do the dishes?

  3. What types of foods are you opposed to? What types of foods do you love?

  4. Do you plan on buying processed foods? And if so, how many and which ones? Which ones are your weaknesses that I can help you to avoid?

  5. Are we going to eat the same things, or are we going to plan and cook separate meals?

  6. How important is breakfast for you to start your day? And who’s schedule works out best to prepare it?

  7. Are we going to pack our lunches or go out with collagues? Combination of both? How much is okay to spend on lunch out per day?

  8. Are you okay with eating favorite healthy meals frequently, or do you need lots of variety?

  9. If we are trying to eat healthy, can we plan on one cheat meal per week? When do you want that cheat meal to be?

  10. Desserts… do you plan on having a nightly dessert, if so, what can we make that won’t sabotage your healthy eating plan but will satisfy your sweet tooth? How about only having a favorite dessert once a week?

  11. Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean proteins and eggs are the healthiest foods available. Which are your favorites, so I can make sure we always have them in the house?

  12. Drinks… can we commit to neither of us drinking soda? Do you know how much water we should be drinking each day? (approx 1 gallon) Are you open to drinking almond or coconut milk rather than conventional dairy milk?

  13. What is your favorite meal of all time? ‘Cause I will make sure you get it, baby!


  1. How many days a week should we plan on doing a physical activity together?

  2. How many days would you like to work out on your own? What is your favorite type of workout or exercise?

  3. Is it okay if I allocate money for a yoga/pilates/barre class or gym membership?

  4. Can walking the dogs be a fun type of exercise that we do together most week nights?

  5. Can we both commit to staying fit and healthy and exercising 3-4 times per week?

  6. What are some physical activities we can do with our friends on weekends or even for vacation?

  7. I’m going to need some new running shoes, shorts, yoga pants, sports bras and tanks every now then; is it okay if I pick up some new gear?

  8. Would you like to go pick out and invest in a new pair of nice tennis shoes together as a little inspiration to get out there and get moving?

  9. Do you plan on joining a gym, the Y, or a martial arts class to beat the pulp out of a punching bag? And if you said “yes” to martial arts, do you plan on coming home with a broken nose? 😉

  10. Would you like to find a bootcamp we could do together before or after work?

  11. Do you want to live somewhere in the city we can get outside and exercise without needing a gym?

  12. Should we purchase bikes or rollerblades to do together?

  13. How do you like me in biker shorts? 🙂

Knowing how your fiance feels about food and fitness will help you plan and understand the best ways to live a healthy lifestyle together! There’s a big reward for couples who play together…studies show, they stay together!

Love & Light,

Lindsey & Daniel

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