Do’s & Dont’s from The Wedding Party Studio

Do’s & Dont’s from The Wedding Party Studio

Here’s are some witty words of wisdom you wouldn’t get from Emily Post.  Enjoy!

Don’t take your wedding party for granted.
Do remember that just because you eat, sleep and breath wedding gowns, flowers and cakes, doesn’t mean your friends do. Remember to ask about their lives every once in a while.

Don’t let outside opinions invade or delay your wedding decisions, especially if those “opinions” are not helping you pay for those decisions.
set boundaries, you so that you don’t find yourself spending more than your budget just to appease certain people.

Don’t rely on your cousin’s ipod or sister’s point and shoot camera for back up equipment.
Do to ask your DJ and Photographer if they have and extra set of speakers or an extra camera in case theirs break right before your ceremony.

Don’t forget you will be in your dress for several hours.
Do think of ways to get into comfortable attire for the reception – consider a birdcage veil or a floral head piece or even a party gown.

Don’t expect hungry guests to stand for 30 minutes while your DJ reads a bio on everyone in your house party and then leads you through full versions of your first 4 dances.
Do add special elements to your wedding by including your guests and incorporating personal touches.

Do have outside ceremonies and receptions.
Don’t forget the grandparents appreciate a shaded seating area.

Don’t encourage your bridal party share intimate moments of how your first encounter with the groom was a drunken hook-up.
Do give a meaningful and thoughtful toast to the new couple

Don’t take the chance that your DJ will not show up in Hawaiian shirts at your reception.
Do ask them what they will be wearing so you can ensure that they will blend into the style of your wedding.

Don’t expect that your wedding day will be perfect.
Do prepare for a hiccup here or there, so that you don’t get so stressed that you end up crying so hard you break out in hives and have blood shot eyes when the cake shows up with 3 layers instead of 4. Not good for photos.

Don’t have your best friend’s boyfriend video your wedding with your Flip video camera
Do have your Flip camera at showers, your bachelorette party and other behind the scenes moments. Hand over the footage to your videographer to incorporate it into your final wedding video.

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