DIY Rose Gold-Dipped Ceramics

DIY Rose Gold-Dipped Ceramics

Recently I got an email from a bride who was on the hunt for Rose Gold Containers for her wedding. Specifically, she was looking for wedding rentals in her area who might have what she was looking for.  I began researching this for her and came up with a big goose egg.  But then I came across this super awesome DIY Rose Gold Dipped Ceramics tutorial!  Not only are these little containers super stylish, they are easy breezy and will be perfect for your centerpieces.  I’d also consider dipping ceramic candle holders for additional tablescape decor.  And if you already have your centerpieces in place consider gifting these to your attendance for their bouquets, or dip mini vases and/or pots for wedding favors.

Head on over to Brit & Co for the full Rose Gold Dipped Ceramic tutorial…

Photos via Brit & Co

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