Creative Hair Accessories For Your Big Day

Creative Hair Accessories For Your Big Day

Creative hair accessories are all the rage this season. There are many ways to adorn your locks on the big day, ranging from rhinestone-studded pins and headbands to elaborate feathered cage veils. Through the years of styling wedding gown editorials I have stumbled upon a myriad of beautiful hair adornments fit for any bride. Below are some of my favorites.~SQ

Jennifer Behr: a collection of handmade modern hair accessories made in N.Y. "Jennifer Behr headpieces", "Bridal accessories", "Bridal Headpieces", "Brides", "fashion", "wedding fashion", "Bridal fashion tips", "hair accessories", "headpieces"

Photography by Benny Horne (courtesy of Jennifer Behr)

Twigs & Honey: artistic and whimsical adornments made in Salem-Portland Oregon

"Twigs & Honey", "Hair accessories", "Headpieces", "Bridal accessories", "Bridal fashion", "Brides", "Fashion", "bridal fashion tips", "Bridal style"Photo courtesy of Twigs & Honey Vintage inspired handmade headpieces with flair made in L.A.

"", "Hair accessories", "Bridal fashion", "Brides", "Fashion", "Bridal headpieces", "Bridal hair accessories", "hair accessories"Photo courtesy of

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